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History of our school

Our school is next to the church in the centre of the village and has been the gem of Kunsziget since 1909. The most important event of the local education was the building of the school. Unfortunately, it is not much known about the history of our school but we know it for sure that in 1680 a teacher, Péter Sira (Ziray?), came from the neighbouring village, Öttevény, once a week to teach the children in Kunsziget. According to the registrar there was a school master called Ferenc Németh in 1737 and supposedly there was a school in the village as well. In 1760 our school master, Márton György Paksi, wrote a 721-page Song Book in honour of All Saints which can be found in Xantus János Museum in Győr. Since then we have the complete list of teachers of our school.

In 1881 Imre Miklósy came here and organised the building and the nationalization of the new school in 1904. Commencing the 1908/09 school year the institution became a state school after having been a Roman Catholic school. In the same year the foundation of a new, 2-storey building was laid and was an important event in the region, even a newspaper article was written. Imre Miklósy was greatly honoured among the residents; his epitaph read: ”He worked as a teacher for 38 years from which he spent 30 years in the village.” He died in 1910 after having finished the school he had dreamt of.

The development was conspicuous. In the 1890s 120 students studied here and two teachers, a head teacher and an assistant teacher, were employed. In the first part of the 20th century the number of teachers increased: there were 2 teachers and a headmaster; 6 classes were taught in 3 classrooms. After the World War II the school operated with 8 classes. The nadir of the institution was from 1976 to 1990 when the higher-form students had to attend school in Öttevény and only the lower-form students studied in Kunsziget.

The success began in 1990: several generations were taught in a warm and friendly atmosphere taking into consideration the educational viewpoint.

The 2007/08 school year was a turning point. The leaders and the majority of the residents of the village insisted on operating the school in classes 1 to 8 despite the decreasing number of students. A foundation operated the institution as a bilingual primary school.

Since 2011 our school has been maintained by Kunsziget Office of Public Service Ltd. (Kunszigeti Közszolgáltató Nonprofit Kft.). The number of students has been continuously increasing thanks to the bilingual education and more and more students come from other villages.

Since September 2012 we have been teaching elementary arts education in 3 art branches in 3 faculties: graphic arts, folk dance and drama.

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